The more you know about the breakthrough program Secrets of America’s Most Successful Companies the more exciting it becomes.
What is the gemini effect?
The Gemini Effect is a surge in productivity, growth and success that comes when your company implements the Success Factors. It’s named in honor of Project Gemini, a key transitional space program that set the stage for the journey to the moon. We liked the name so well that it became the name of our company. Learn More  
What type of company is it suited for?
The program is designed for small to mid-sized companies that are ready to take the next step in growth, profitability and success. Generally these companies are no longer start-ups. They have customers, products and employees. But they are not yet the large public companies that we all hear so much about. Often the excitement that initially fueled the start up is fading. Or they are moderately successful but see little hope of growing. Are you ready for our program? Take our quick quiz and find out. Quiz  
What is your privacy policy?
We do not sell, rent, swap or share your information (including your e-mail address) with any third party. Never have. Never will.  
What happens when you implement the Success Factors?
For most companies the result is a surge in success that we have labeled the Gemini Effect. Your company does better in many ways because it has a management structure based on what worked for the most successful companies. Learn More  
How were the Success Factors discovered?
We used an impressive five-step process based on extensive research and analysis of over 700 successful companies. The results were then tested in two validation studies in the field. This approach is perhaps the most rigorous process ever used to identify the keys to small and mid-size business success. Learn More  
I’m too busy to take on one more thing. How can I implement the Success Factors when I just don’t have time?
Being too busy to make things better is a sure sign that something needs to change. Implementing the Success Factors will ensure that you will have more time. Finding even a spare hour can be a challenge, but the only way you’ll be able to become more efficient and have your company reach its potential is by implementing the Success Factors. That’s why we developed the Secrets of America’s Most Successful Companies. It’s an easy to do step-by-step program designed to fit in an "already too busy" schedule. Learn More  
Who is behind this program?
The program was developed by an award-winning team led by Lee W. Frederiksen, Ph.D., a behavioral psychologist and former CEO, and partner, David B. Riley, MBA, an experienced CEO and finance and operations expert. About the Founding Partners  
Our business is unique. How can the Success Factors possibly apply?
Every business is unique – with its own culture, industry challenges and history. Yet all businesses have common challenges. The Secrets of America’s Most Successful Companies is designed for businesses in your situation. The Success Factors provide solid principles that can be applied to your unique situation. By learning what works best across a wide range of companies you can dramatically tilt the odds in your favor.  
We get conflicting advice. How do we know this is right?
The problem with much of the advice we receive is that it doesn’t really apply to our situation. The Secrets of America’s Most Successful Companies was developed specifically for companies like yours, companies trying to take the next step. It was the result of a systematic and detailed process. If you follow the Success Factors you are modeling your company on the practices of the very best companies. We know they work. The research and experience of companies like yours proves it.  
Now is not a good time. Can’t we wait until things settle down a bit?
The reality is that there will never be a perfect time. That’s the nature of business. There will always be important things to do. Also, by waiting, things will get more complicated, new problems will arise and you will not get the huge benefits of having the Success Factors in place. If you start taking even small steps now, over time you’ll make significant progress. It’s worked for other companies in your same situation.  
We tried something like this before, and it didn’t work. Why should I believe this is different?
The Success Factors are solid. They are not fads or partial fixes but are based on research, analysis and field testing. They will allow you to have confidence in your direction and follow through to help your company succeed. The result you can expect is a surge in productivity, growth, customer satisfaction and stature in the marketplace.  
We do most of these things already. Why do I need this program?
It’s true that you may already do many things that sound like the Success Factors. But, the fact is that it’s the way you do them that makes a business really perform. It’s often the little things that count and missing a critical component of a Success Factor can make a huge difference. Implementing components of the Success Factors is important to ensure that you fulfill all the potential that your business has to offer. You will notice a big difference.  
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