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When companies implement the Success Factors they see an amazing surge in success. We call this surge the Gemini Effect.

Some of the most commonly reported changes include:

  1. Growth and profitability surge upward.
  2. Employees start to feel and act like a team. Everyone is pulling together again.
  3. Cash flow improves.
  4. "People problems" are reduced.
  5. Productivity improves.
  6. Financial information is accurate and on time.
  7. Market recognition increases and reputation improves.
  8. Employees readily accept responsibility for making things happen.
  9. Delegation becomes easier.
  10. Customer satisfaction and product quality improve.
  11. Employees enjoy what they are doing and performance improves.
  12. Employees start to "think like owners."
  13. You are able to concentrate on what you do best and enjoy the most.
  14. You feel more in control again.
  15. The value of the company increases dramatically.
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