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Step 3: Complete Missing Components brings you the full benefit of the program.


Finally, your team fills in the missing pieces. Simple, step-by-step Implementation Modules and our exclusive weekly Implementation Support keep your team on track and motivated.

The seven Success Factors are made up of 37 Components. Think of them as the building blocks of a successful company.

There is a detailed step-by-step Implementation Module for each component. It tells your team exactly what to do and how to do it.

Each module contains:
  • Description of what you are trying to achieve with that Component and why it’s important.
  • List of “deliverables” you will have when you are done.
  • Who will be involved (by function) in the implementation of that Component.
  • Clear step-by-step directions on what to do, in which order.
  • Resources, including samples, examples, tips and checklists to make the job easier.
You use only the Implementation Modules that you need.  
Keep your team on track and motivated with our weekly Implementation Support. Our experienced Implementation Coaches walk your people through the step-by-step process. No surprises or confusion.

Typically delivered by phone and email, this support keeps the process focused, positive and moving forward.

The result is steady progress and week-by-week improvement in your company. You’ll be achieving the next level of growth, profitability and success.
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